A variety of amateur events are available for fans to participate in, as well as the main event, the Legends of Pool Championship featuring 6 legendary world champions.

Hover your mouse over "Tournaments" and click onto the sub-tabs for each event.


Legends of Pool Championship

January 30th-31st


Al Parker 8-Ball Championship

January 28th


RASSON Amateur Mixed Doubles 8-Ball Open

January 29th 


Ladies Cup Team 8-Ball

January 28th-29th


Viking Cue Amateur 9-Ball Open

January 30th


Seniors 14.1 Open by Quantum Vitality Centres

January 29th


Andy Cloth Morning Madness 9-Ball Open

January 31st


Legends Golf Pro-Am 

January 29th


Legends Pool Pro-Am

January 30th


To play and register, contact:


​Players/Spectators: 1 -352-561-4240


Sponsors/Vendors: 1-407-782-4978


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